During a reading session by Hilde, healing always starts. Hilde increases her vibration, the vibration (read; energy) of the space and of the client. When she gives a reading, she also uses the power objects in the room, intermediate spheres and what is needed at that moment.

Hilde does not give 1 on 1 healing sessions, but does give group sessions. She works by invitation (at least 6 people). During a group session a participant comes forward who receives healing / reading. The group resonates with this reading. In this way, undiscovered pieces are healed by all participants.

By invitation Hilde also heals areas, buildings, pieces of magnetic field, places of power on the earth and large groups of people. Both on site and at a distance. What happens during such a session, or several sessions in succession? Blockades are sought and healing follows so that higher energy may come. Soul parts are released, energy paths straightened or diverted, disturbances may take place, and vibration frequencies may be increased. Hilde works with large groups of helpers, healing fields, intermediate spheres and other dimentions to be able to perform her work.


Are you interested in a group healing, earth healing or healing of a building? Send her a message with your wishes via the contact form.